Have you ever entered a coffee shop, looked around to see people lost in their thoughts and wondered: What are they thinking?


Journey House's first arts initiative was a theater play that explored the inner worlds of its ensemble cast. Each of the  ten characters were encountered through spoken word performances based on their real lives.


The event was a Virtual Premiere hybrid format (with live and pre-recorded video elements). An immersive experience allowed the audience to live chat with each other and the writers, actors and production team.


This was an emotional and powerful event that provide a deeper understanding of the challenges facing foster youth.

This play was produced and directed by Julio Quijada, a former Journey House youth.

All proceeds will benefit Journey House Arts burgeoning Arts program and other support services.

"A place to tell the stories that affected us."

Journey House is grateful for Scott Budnick's support in our first arts initiative. Scott is an American film producer, CEO and Founder of impact-focused film and television co-finance company One Community, and Founder and Board Member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC).


Since 2004, Budnick has been a fierce advocate for social justice and a fairer judicial system. In 2003, he began volunteering with InsideOUT Writers (IOW), a program that brings creative writing into juvenile halls. In 2014, Budnick founded ARC, whose mission is to reduce incarceration, improve the outcomes of formerly incarcerated individuals, and build healthier communities. ARC provides formerly incarcerated men and women with direct services such as housing, counseling, job training and opportunities, mentoring, and education. The organization also empowers and mobilizes its members to play a role in justice reform efforts through direct policy advocacy. 


For his work with youth in the criminal justice system, Governor Jerry Brown named Scott the 2012 California Governor's Volunteer of the Year. He sits on the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) and was selected to serve as a Board Member for President Barack Obama's foundation, the My Brother's Keeper Alliance.